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June 16, 2010


Linda Carson

It's a re-run. Not on purpose. I'm trying to remember, from time to time, to dig out the most valuable essays from a soon-to-be-obsolete web site... and I must've thought the same thing in December 2005...

pat anderson

*It's too much work
*it's too simple
*it's kitschy
*it's not modern
*it's been done


"It's silly"

... can be a good reason to reject or whole-heartedly embrace an idea.


Linda Carson

The big lesson I learned from this exercise was so important it became the motto of my teaching studio: There are fewer rules than you think.

Ronan O'Hara

It's something that I struggled with for many years. What to paint?!! It can be crippling. But I found my answer and I have started again (with serious work) with a new technique and new subject. If you are stuck for subject matter, concentrate on developing your ownt best, most fluid way of working. Then you will be so excited after finding it you will HAVE to find yourself a subject because of your desire to use your new found style.

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