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December 30, 2005



Gosh, I wish I could see a photo of S. Alan's Mahl Stick. It sounds really interesting and very usable. Any chance of uploading a photo or directing us to a link with a photo? Thanks.


SLB, I don't have contact info for S. Alan. Let's hope s/he has an alert set on the name, sees your request, and gets in touch. I'd like a picture, too, and would be happy to post one if it shows up!

Linda, who teaches art


Very useful points, Linda. I have just found that Amazon is selling msticks for £17.I'll try making one first. Metal may be best, especially aluminium.


a rubber insulator from a spark plug wire on the end of a 3/8"dowel makes a great mahlstick. I've never seen a store bought one.

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I'd use a wooden, styrofoam, silicone or cork ball instead. Just to be safe.

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