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December 14, 2005


jenna mitchell

i have a question what is broken colour and if you can get back to me before the 7 of April that would be great as it is for a project.

yours sincerely
jenna mitchell

Oh, Jenna, a little effort if you please! Think of the WWWeb as an unjuried but well-indexed library... not a tutorial service. Google your key phrase "broken colour" and you'll find your answer... on another site of mine, The Painting Lesson, where I describe and illustrate all the key words I use teaching painting.


jenna mitchell

can you send me any interesting facts related to impressionist or artists that painted in this style.

from jenna

And hello again, Jenna. Second tip, folks, on asking people to do your homework for you: Maintain an accessible email address. My favourite interesting fact about Impressionist artists is that they are thoroughly documented in your local library and on the WWWeb. Google "Impressionism" kids. Use a second source to confirm your findings (a second source that hasn't cut-and-pasted the exact same words as the first). There, you're done "researching" and still have lots of time to cure cancer or read War & Peace, or whatever else you were going to do that was more important than learning something.

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